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WorkForce One Time & Labor Management Software Solution

Time and Attendance Hardware In the vast diversity of workplaces, businesses occasionally require alternative means for collecting time and attendance punch data than the standard kiosk or personal computer's web browser. ATR Systems offers a wide variety of hardware and data collection devices that cover a multitude of workplace scenarios. This allows for attendance data to be collected in real-time through the Internet or in a store-and-forward (polled) manner through a dedicated phone line.

Partnerships with a number of leading data collection device manufacturers enable us to offer a wide range of hardware options to service providers like you and your customers.

In addition to hardware, our mobile application makes it easy for a customer's employees to clock in, check schedules, request time off, view accrual balances, check existing or previous timesheets, and more. If you're interested in providing our mobile application for time and attendance, click here to contact a business development representative.

Traditional Readers
Three types of card readers are available; barcode, magnetic stripe, and proximity. Functionality varies from basic clocking in and out to extended employee self-service (ESS) and manager override capabilities. Organizations without an internet connection can take advantage of modem-based card readers, which in some cases just require a phone line to function.

Whether Internet or modem-based, these easy-to-use devices work well in both single and multiple-site installations. Optional features include:

  • Job costing (up to 5 levels)
  • Ethernet or modem connectivity
  • Validation of user upon clock in/out
  • Rechargeable back-up battery
  • Allocation of tips and piece work
  • Extreme environment enclosures
  • User capacity up to 10,000
  • Relay capabilities to unlock/monitor door activity and signal bells
  • ESS; access accrual balances, view schedules, etc.
  • Wand compatibility for scanning bar codes for jobs, etc.
Biometric Alternatives
The biometric devices we provide, which are all Ethernet compatible, identify individuals by examining a unique physical characteristic such as a fingerprint, hand geometry, eye pattern, voice or dynamic signature. The use of biometric authentication eliminates hassles in the workplace such as buddy punching or the potential for lost employee ID badges. Devices are also available that combine biometric functionality with a built-in card reader. Optional features include:
  • Direct connectivity to the Internet
  • Job costing (up to 5 levels)
  • User capacity up to 5,000
  • Memory upgrade
  • Validation of user upon clock in/out
  • Extreme environment enclosures
  • Relay capabilities to unlock/monitor door activity and signal bells
  • ESS; enter department changes, view schedules, etc.
Mobile & Offsite
Mobile and offsite devices allow users to capture time remotely. With fast and reliable data capturing capabilities, devices geared toward mobile and dynamic workforces vary from wireless barcode readers to telephony solutions. Telephony, which requires no additional investment in hardware, allows organizations to collect real-time data from employees punching in through a touch-tone phone. Optional features include:
  • Job costing
  • Up to 70,000 scans before data must be transferred
  • Protective carrying case
  • Unlimited user capacity for telephony and smart phones
  • Restrict locations and dial-in numbers for telephony
  • Complete detailed audit trail including caller ID
Interested in learning more? Download info sheets on our data collection terminals: Our library of supported hardware vendors is constantly expanding. Check with us to see if you're interested in finding out whether a specific device is supported by our team.

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